Few more details about me ...

I’m Dino Hajderović, better known by the nickname Dinotti. Ever since I was a child, I have been loud, small, dark, chubby and always full of energy.

In elementary and high school, some compared me to an actor Joe Pesci, because some thought I have a similar charisma and manner of speech. From a young age, I was also a big fan of movies, video games, cars and motorcycles.

I got to know the “gaming world” at a very young age, around the age of six. That’s when I first picked up a handheld console that only had two keys.

I continued this passion with home video consoles (Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox) until I got to know the internet.

Many also know me for “screaming” hadouken! The term means “energy ball”. It’s the super-power that a game character has. Ryu from a video game Street Fighter.

I remember as a kid I used to go to arcade rooms a lot. It was a time, when you bought chips so you could play games. Unfortunately, such places became obsolete when home gaming consoles came on the market and computers became cheaper.

The first time I played Street fighter and saw Ryu, he reminded me of my father because they are very similar.

My father was a karate master and so I felt an immediate connection.

dinotti dino hajderovic 2 - Dino Hajderović - Dinotti
Foto: Rok Jošt

A big “motorhead” and a proud owner Honda s2000!

Čefurji Raus!
Dino Dinotti Hajderović

Entertainer, streamer, gamer, youtuber, a program coordinator, a film actor and above all a fan of cars, motorcycling and entertainment.

dinotti dino hajderovic 4 - Dino Hajderović - Dinotti
dinotti dino hajderovic 6 - Dino Hajderović - Dinotti


My passion for movies and acting is with me since childhood, when I spent hours and hours in front of the television, watching various movies and cartoons. I first stepped in front of the camera in 2002 as an extra in the film Kajmak in Marmelada. In 2012, I got one of the main roles, namely the role of Aco in the movie Čefurji Raus, for which I got best actor reward Vesno za najbolšo vlogo v filmu. In 2015, I played in the movie Šuplje priče as one of the main roles, in which I played a mobster named Peši. Movie review in Slovenian language. Then I got few smaller roles in various Slovenian films, TV and YouTube series

YouTube channel

I created a YouTube channel in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I uploaded my first video. In short, over the years, people have always liked to hang out with me because I was extremely funny and entertained them. One day, the thought came to me that I could tell my adventures in front of the camera and share that with the world. Fourth video released (#4 Protest, Mafia i Bosanski radnici) was a total hit and exceeded 150,000 views in three days.

I landed in newspapers and media with this video. This was in 2012, when YouTube was not yet so popular and widespread in our country.

When I noticed that people accept and like such content, I started creating more, one after the other, and achieved some success. I am still very active on youtube today, which is evident in the expansion of the channel from day to day. I am very happy to have collaborated with many companies, in terms of promoting services and products. I have worked and continue to work with companies such as: Huawei, Links, Panini, Old Spice, Logitech, Bytezone, Yamaha KMC … and many more.
If you are interested in working with me, send me an e-mail.


Twitch impressed me because I realised that there is also a different approach to the audience, more on a personal level. When I started creating on Twitch, I realised that I could make contact with all the people in the world and actually hang out with them. This opened up a whole new world for me and I found that I could also make some money from what I love to do. Following the example of many from abroad, I decided to entertain people in English and not in Slovene, because I did not want to limit myself to Slovenia. I’ve found that I need a little more equipment than just a laptop to play live “streaming”.

I decided to buy a playstation 4, a connectivity card, and play it all together, but eventually found that it was all too little for professional streaming because the quality didn’t reach the world level. I invested a lot of money in a new computer and moved to a shelter house where I converted it all into a streaming studio. Since then, I stream every weekday in the afternoon. Over time, I have accumulated many games that I have played and met a huge number of people from all over the world. I can say that I am proud that despite the ups and downs, I am still active on the said network.

Visiting Twitchcon 2016

In 2016, I decided to travel to the United States (San Diego) to the gaming convention Twitchcon, which is organised every year. I bought a ticket and travelled all by myself!

I have never seen anything so big and so professionally organised in my life. There I experienced a lot of new things, met world famous personalities, played the games that were featured, attended gaming tournaments and generally experienced the size of the global gaming market with full lungs!


We all love Instagram and I really post a lot on instagram. The goal is to entertain people and at the same time show something interesting. You can imagine it as a kind of BigBrother Show, which gives you an insight into everyday adventures, entertainment and life in general.

Laughter guaranteed!

Ou! Not to forget! I am also preparing a lot of give-aways and fun stuff.